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Arena Visual & Hearing Impaired Inclusivity Pack


Introducing our brand new Arena Sensory Disability Inclusivity Pack. This all-inclusive pack contains everything required to ensure that an arena/stadium/hospitality complex is completely prepared for the requirements of those with sensory disability. The products in this pack will allow for the venue to be prepared for the visually and hearing impaired.



PL1/K1 Portable Hearing Loop Kit & Shelf (1.2m2) × 10

The PL1/K1 Portable Hearing loop is ideal for restricted person to person contact in areas such as banks, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, open plan offices and ticket booths and is CQC Compliant. The PL1/K1 is supplied with a robust wall-mounting storage shelf.

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PDA103C 1.2m2 Wall-Mounting Counter Hearing Loop System × 10

The PDA103C Wall-Mounting Counter Hearing Loop System is ideal for banks, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, ticket offices and any other application requiring restricted or small area coverage.

The kit contains all you need to create a high-quality fixed hearing loop system for a counter, desktop or ticket booth.

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Roger On Wireless Microphone × 4

The Roger On is a versatile microphone transmitter, ideal for situations where background noise is present.  It picks-up the voice of a speaker and sends it wirelessly directly to your ears using Phonak's exclusive Roger wireless technology.


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Roger BaseStation

The Phonak Roger BaseStation Transmitter delivers high quality speech signals to the wireless RogerT Earpiece in unrivalled sound quality.



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Roger Repeater × 5

The Roger Repeater extends the range of a Roger TouchScreen or Base Station Network giving full coverage wherever you are.

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Roger Neckloop Receiver (02) Educational × 10

The Roger NeckLoop Receiver (02) is a universal receiver compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T-coil. It is worn around the neck by adults, students and children above 8 years old to give access to the complete Roger microphone portfolio and the benefit of Roger technology in noisy situations and over distance.

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1000 in stock

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Pack Contains:

10 x PDA103c

10 x PL1/K1

4 x Roger Pen

10 x Roger Neckloop (02)

10 x CAHeadphones

1 x Roger Basestation

5 x Roger Repeater
* May require a site survey to ensure comprehensive coverage.