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LA240 Home Induction Loop System UK


The LA240 Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to their TV or Audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop” program of their hearing aid.

With no direct connection between the user and a TV or Audio equipment the user is able to move freely within the looped area and listen comfortably to a TV or audio equipment without the distractions of normal listening.

The Loop System is used in conjunction with a hearing aid with a “T” or “Loop” program found on many ‘behind the ear’ or ‘in the ear’ hearing aids.

The Loop system picks up the sound from a TV via a direct connection or microphone and feeds it to the amplifier. The sound is then passed to a loop of wire around the listening area, which in turn transmits the sound inductively, “magnetic sound waves”, to a hearing aid with the loop facility.

The user may then adjust the loop volume or tone to suit their own hearing preference without affecting others.

The Loop System is supplied with either Loop Cable or Loop Pad.

Loop cable is placed around a room that you want to listen in. The sound can be heard anywhere inside the “looped” area and sometimes just outside the loop as well.

A Loop Pad is an alternative to loop cable and is used to create a localised or portable system to avoid interference with other systems or where confidentiality is required.

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  • Features

      1. Optical and Coaxial digital audio input
      2. Remote Control
      3. Separate Mains power supply allowing use by DC inputs from 12-24V, one version covers all markets
      4. Memory of control settings allowing remote power switching
      5. Digital Rotary Volume and Tone controls with LED indication
      6. Source selection of all inputs from front panel, mixing of inputs is possible.
      7. Increased output current 3A RMS and 40m Loop cable coverage up to 70m2
      8. Loop Level Indicator
      9. Priority Function Control
      10. Automatic Gain Control
      11. On/Off Mains Switch
      12. Blue LED Function Indicators
      13. Red LED Level Indicator
      14. 2 Microphone Inputs
      15. 3 Line inputs

      If you choose this system you will receive:

      1. LA240 amplifier & Stand
      2. Power supply & Mains Lead
      3. Digital Audio Optical TOSlink & Coaxial leads
      4. 40 metres loop cable and cable clips
      5. 1 Direct Connection lead kit


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