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PL1/K1 Self Service Bundle


PL1/K1 Portable Induction Loop Kit & Shelf

  • Ideal for restricted person to person contact in areas such as banks, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, open plan offices and ticket booths.
  • CQC Compliant
  • NEW – the PL1/K1 is now supplied with a robust wall-mounting storage shelf.
  • Portable, lightweight design means the system can be moved easily from location to location.
  • Simple one button operation.
  • Integral high performance microphone.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Five years' expected battery life under normal operating/charging conditions.
  • Auto shut-off facility (user selectable for 10, 30 or 60 minutes) helps preserve battery life.
  • Connection of the plug-top charger overrides the timer function to ensure the unit remains operational at all times.
  • Can be used as normal whilst charging.


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RXti2 - Induction Loop Test Receiver

Induction Loop Test Receiver (requires 2 x AAA batteries and 'Walkman' type headphones.

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