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Portable Induction Loops

A portable induction loop system provides the perfect solution where a fixed loop cannot be installed or a loop facility is required in multiple locations.

A portable hearing loop system can sometimes be more cost effect than having a fixed hearing loop system installed, it courses no disruption to a business and is very simple to use.

Our PL1/K1 and K3 are suited for 1-2-1 meetings, they can be positioned on a reception counter and be taken into the specific meeting/consultation room.

Hearing Loop's range of secure RF Portable induction loops allow for a cost effective portable solution that accounts for multiple loop requirements. Our smart transmitters act as a hand-held microphone when in the vertical position, when laid horizontal they become Omni-directional mics, ideal for boardroom table style meetings. Additionally connecting the charger dock to a audio source will allow the audio to transmit to the receivers.

Additionally our RF System can be used as a Tour Guide Hearing System, with the facility to connect head phones it allows your facility to conform to the equalities act for those hearing impaired who dont wear hearing aids.


Personal Induction Loops

If you have difficulty in hearing your television, radio, hi-fi or with general conversation the products in this section can help overcome this. There are models for use with or without a hearing aid.

Vehicle Induction Loops

Ideal for cars, taxis, buses and other private/commercial vehicles Kit includes a compact mini-induction loop amplifier with keyholes for dashboard mounting, a cigarette lighter power adaptor, an AMT microphone, a pre-formed loop and an AFILS fittted sticker.

Counter Induction Loops

Counter Induction Loops


Domestic/Home Induction Loops

Domestic/Home Induction Loops

Room Induction Loops
  • Two variants available.
  • Each kit contains everything you need to create a high quality hearing loop system for a room up to 50m2 (7m x 7m)
  • PDA103L kit ideal for small meeting rooms, council chambers, doctors' surgeries, etc.
  • PDA103R kit ideal for small room applications where equipment needs be mounted above suspended ceilings, etc.
  • Note that a Domestic TV/Music Lounge kit c/w digital TOS-link connector is also available
  • PDA103 amplifier includes a 3.5mm microphone input, a line level input and an 'outreach' socket
  • Metal compensation control helps improve intelligibility in rooms with high metal content
  • Adjustable mic, line level and 'outreach' controls.
  • Drive (level) control allows the amplifier's output stage to be set-up to suit the exact characteristics of the application.
  • State-of-the-art audio processor features an automatic gain control which compensates for poor microphone techniques and helps suppress loud noises, hisses and clicks
  • Limit, Peak, Loop Fault and Power On indicators
  • Designed to be wall-mounted using the keyholes provided
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed


Infrared Induction Loops

Ideal for use in areas where the installation of an audio-frequency induction loop system is impractical.

TV and Audio Induction Loops

If you have difficulty in hearing your television, radio, hi-fi or with general conversation the products in this section can help overcome this. There are models for use with or without a hearing aid.

Text Telephones

Hearing Loops Text Telephones

Hearing Induction Loop Tester Kits

Hearing Induction Loop Tester Kits

Dental and Doctor Surgeries Hearing Induction Loops

A Range of Dental and Doctors Surgeries Hearing Induction Loops. Comply with the latest CQC Policies & Procedures for the Hard of hearing within your surgery.

Blind Commentary Equipment

The ideal solution for blind and partially sighted supporters, is the provision of “audio-description”
– a continuous and live commentary of the on-pitch action, provided by a commentator
specifically trained in describing events for those unable to see them clearly. This is transmitted
to a radio receiver through a headset which can be used anywhere within the stadium. This
means that the blind and partially sighted supporters can choose to sit with their friends and
family, and among their own club’s supporters rather than in a designated an area only for blind
and partially sighted people, which is a system still used by some clubs. It also allows blind and
partially sighted supporters from visiting teams to use the equipment.

Assisted Living for the Hard of Hearing

A range of equipment including:

  • Alarm Clocks
  • Baby Monitors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Telephones
  • Telephone Amplifiers

Our assisted living equipment is designed to make life easier for the hard of hearing at home.

Roger Systems

Our Roger Systems are designed to enable a comprehensive solution to meet all hearing impaired requirements.

The portable nature of the products provides flexibility and freedom for both the user and the facility they are installed within.

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