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Outreach Plates

Our Outreach Plate audio input extension system comprises a range of wall, ceiling and desk mountable single gang audio input plates specifically designed to increase the audio input capability of an induction loop system. Covering the most common variants of audio connector, they work by mixing the signals from various audio input sources into one balanced line level input which can be fed into the line input of a compatible amplifier.

Mountable on 25mm back boxes, each plate features a built-in mixer, pre-amp, input level control and balanced output. The fact they can be installed at the most convenient point on an installation overcomes the need for long and potentially hazardous microphone/audio leads.

Typically, up to 10 Outreach plates (any mix) can be daisy-chained to one balanced line level input with cable lengths of up to 100m easily achievable using standard two-pair audio cable with no recognisable degradation of audio signal quality.

Each outreach plate requires four wires, two balanced line (A +, A –), one ground (0V) and one power connection (12-32 V DC regulated).


The most common microphones used in induction loop systems are ‘electret’ lecturn, handheld, boundary and lavalier microphones as they have the highest tolerance of magnetic feedback. Best practice (though not always possible) is to place the microphone(s) as close as possible to the speaker.

Dynamic microphones should not be used as they contain moving coil magnets which can be affected by the magnetic field generated by the loop.

A method that is sometimes suggested for overhead placement is a ceiling-mounted boundary microphone. This should be used with caution as (a) microphone too far from the desired sound source, especially in the case of a high ceiling and (b) the ceiling in buildings of modern construction is often an extremely noisy location due to air handling noise, lighting fixtures and building vibration.

Phantom power is provided on all PDA amplifiers so electret microphones with batteries are not necessary.

Hearing Induction Loop Cable

Hearing Loop can supply two types of Induction Loop Cable:

  • 100m reels of single core loop cable (0.5mm2, 1.0mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2)
  • 100m reels of flat copper foil tape (0.5mm2, 1.0mm2, 1.5mm2)

Copper foil tape is typically used for floor loops under light duty carpets. Protective tape is also required to hold the cable down and reduce the likelihood of damage. Copper foil tape should be connected to the loop amplifier using solid 0r 1A ‘choc’ block.

Note: The chemical elements of some self-levelling floor compounds can react with the pastic covering of copper foil tape. If installing the loop under such a compound, we recommend you check compatibility by testing a small piece of tape with the compound and check for adverse reactions.


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