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With over 10 Million People in the UK that are deaf or living with a hearing impairment, isn’t it about time your venue took action?
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With competition from rival venues why don’t you become the flag ship venue for the hearing impaired.

Just imagine if you managed to tap into just 1% of the 10 million hearing impaired that’s 100,000 people. Could this extra customer increase your venues profits?

Of course it will!
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Over the years venues have been requested to have hearing induction loops installed to conform to the Equalities Act (DDA) or the CQC (Care Quality Commission). A fixed installed loop system is the best option to provide; however, if you have multiple rooms and multi use of rooms this may not be the case. Your facility may have also undergone refurbishment and the decor is to the high spec that your facility should provide. Leaving the chances of installing a fixed loop system to the bare minimum and therefor missing out on that magic extra custom.

As a venue the best option would be a portable solution. A unit you can move from room to room, can perform in multiple room uses, whether that be a meeting room with a board room set up, a lecture room, classroom, a theater, a restaurant or even a bedroom. This unit would have the capability for future expansion should your extra 1% increase to 2,3 or even 5% of the 10 Million hearing impaired suffers.

Ideal you may think, and you would be correct. But before we get to this perfect solution you maybe wondering what do I do when I have purchased the equipment?

MARKET! MARKET! MARKET! Shout about it! Let the deaf and hearing-impaired community know that you have their best interests at heart. Don’t be silent about it.

What you may not know is that the deaf and hearing-impaired rate venues on the facilities that venues like yourselves offer. These websites highlight the good but also the bad, and if you’re on the good list the hearing impaired community will use your facilities more favourable to that of any competitor.

Take a look at our typical scenarios where a hearing loop would be beneficial.