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Deaf Awareness Training & Auditing

Training for Business and Retail

Working with our partner company, DeafWise, our Deaf Awareness Workshops are designed to meet the training needs of organisations of all types and sizes.

Courses are designed to enable staff to recognise the different types of hearing loss and communicate appropriately with customers and peers using commonly used techniques including sign language, written and lip reading.

Offering both introductory and advanced training, workshops start from half a day to a series of sessions that are trainer led either at your site, or ours.  We combine a mixture of theory, discussions and practical exercises delivered in a relaxed environment. Interaction and participation is encouraged throughout.

Areas of learning:

  • Finger spelling
  • How to recognise Deafness
  • Introduction to British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Methods of communication in the workplace
  • Lip reading
  • Communication aids and equipment
  • Work scenario based discussions and exercises
  • BSL exercises

All training is recognised in continued professional development (CPD).



Since The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) became mandatory in October 2004, compliance has become a priority for organisations of all types and sizes to ensure access guidelines are met for both customers and employees.

Delivered through our partner company, DeafWise, our DDA audits are ideal for organisations wanting to assess current compliance and identify cost effective solutions for areas requiring further development. Using a number of mediums including training and equipment, we are able to guide you in Reasonable Adjustment methods to help ensure equal access for everyone.

Audit areas include:

  • Premises
  • Working environment
  • Equipment
  • Equipment usage, training and servicing
  • Staff skills


More information

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