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Induction Loops

What is an Induction Loop System?

Induction loop systems allow hearing impaired people to hear more clearly.

Induction Loops, also known as Hearing loop systems, are unique sound systems used by those who wear hearing aids.

These systems send a wireless, magnetic signal to an individual’s hearing aid, delivering certain sounds directly to their ears.

An induction loop system therefore comprises four main elements:

  • The audio source – typically a microphone, a television or a radio (or any combination of these).
  • The induction loop amplifier.
  • The loop – a single turn of wire usually run around the perimeter of the room.
  • The receiver(s) – any behind-the-ear type hearing aid with a ‘T’ or ‘MT’ switch.

Anyone wearing a hearing aid with the T-coil setting can connect to the hearing loop.

The type of amplifier required and length of loop cable is determined by the size of the room.

Our range of induction loop equipment is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.  The size of the field required can vary depending on the application, from 1m2 for ticket booths or bank counters, to in excess of 600m2 for larger installations such as Theatres and Cinemas.

If you need advice on the best one to use please get in touch. All our details are on our Contact Us page.