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Loop induction cable may be positioned at different heights, this depends on the use and the type of induction loop. However, they must never be positioned at the same height level as a hearing aid. This would cause huge differences in the volume of the signal throughout the area.

Perimeter loops are best positioned of 14% of the width of the loop (shortest dimension), above the plane of listening. This is usually 1.2m in height (average ear level). This provides two options for possible installation of the loop cable – above or below the listening plane. This usually means at floor level or raised on the wall and it is worth mentioning that loop cable can be embedded in plastic trunking or under wooden flooring.

Array systems are nearly always positioned in/on the floor or installed above a suspended ceiling. This particular type of loop system zigzags back and forth throughout the width of a room in a specific pattern. The placing of the each array are very important in terms of its efficiency and it is important to position correctly.

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