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The Multiple Uses Of Hearing Loops

There are multiple uses of Hearing Loops and the many incredible possibilities a business can adapt to better serve its customers and increase its business growth.

A Vital Part Of Everyday Life

Hearing loops, also known as induction loop systems, are a vital part of everyday life for those who are hard of hearing.

They create opportunities for much better communication between those who struggle to hear, and those they need to listen to.

This enables them to continue to live an independent life, as well as being able to interact without flagging up the fact that they’re hard of hearing.

Retail Shopping, Banks & Customer Service Centres

When you think of induction loop systems, you probably think of the ones found at shop counters.

These simple systems are perhaps the most common type of hearing loops – they’re usually found in newsagents, post offices, cafes, supermarkets, banks and other retail locations including Customer Service help desks.

They allow for that crucial interaction between the business owner/operator and customer, where pleasantries are exchanged, and products are paid for.

This simple exchange might seem totally straightforward for those with good hearing.

But for those who wear hearing aids or struggle with their hearing, these basic interactions can be a minefield if there’s no sufficient hearing loop system.

But these aren’t the only uses for hearing loops – in fact, these simple systems barely scratch the surface.

There is a multitude of ways these systems can be used to improve accessibility for the hard of hearing. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Entertainment & Performance Spaces

Why should the hard of hearing have to miss out on important cultural milestones?

Hearing loops can be very useful when installing in performance spaces, cinemas or theatres.

Naturally, going to see a film or a play can be tough for those who have hearing problems.

These mediums rely heavily on dialogue and other sounds – without an adequate hearing loop system installation, those who are hard of hearing may struggle to even follow the storyline.

Many theatres, cinemas and other performance spaces now have hearing loop systems fitted as standard.

They can send speech and other important sounds from films and performances directly to hearing aids so that those with hearing issues needn’t worry about not being able to keep track of the plot.

Museums and Galleries

Many museums and galleries offer some form of audio description. Some offer self-guided tours with headphones or earpieces – these will naturally be of interest to those who are hard of hearing.

But what about when there’s a tour guided by a person?

What if each piece in the museum or gallery is accompanied by a small button, which you can press for a snippet of speech?

These may be harder for people to decipher.

Hearing loops for museums and galleries are vital in ensuring total accessibility for all visitors.

These loops can be installed to cover the whole space, with no worries about remaining within a certain proximity.

There’s also no limit to the number of people who can ‘tune in’ to the hearing loop, perfect for busy times.

Health Services

There are few circumstances in life where being able to hear clearly is more important than when you’re speaking to a doctor.

If you mishear even a single word, such as the dosage of a prescription, or even the diagnosis itself, it can have a tremendously negative effect.

Being able to communicate clearly with those providing health services is vital. See NHS England Accessible Information and Communication Policy here.

That goes for the receptionists that book your appointments, the nurses that carry out your tests, and the doctors that provide consultations.

Dental clinics and other venues should also have fully functioning hearing loops which deliver crystal-clear sound directly to hearing aids.

On The Move Inside Vehicles

Did you know that you can have induction loops installed within vehicles?

This ensures that the hard of hearing are catered to when they’re out and about, not just in static buildings.

Having a hearing loop in your personal car is obviously going to help make life on the roads that little bit easier.

You won’t need to strain to hear other passengers talking, and you won’t need to have the radio playing at full blast just to catch the latest traffic report.

Buses, taxis and coaches are also commonly fitted with hearing loops.

When those who are hard of hearing step aboard, they can tune into the induction loop and hear everything the driver is saying to them.

They can communicate more effectively with them and other service users – it even opens up doors for the hard of hearing to become taxi drivers or bus drivers themselves.

Portable Hearing Loops

What could be more convenient for someone who is hard of hearing than a portable hearing loop that they can keep with them at all times?

This type of induction loop is ideal for those who are part of a busy workforce – those who are always rushing to meetings and appointments and need to ensure they can hear every word said.

These types of loops can also be useful in your personal life. They can be used in restaurants when placing an order or paying a bill.

They can be used in spaces where induction loops haven’t yet been installed, or are undergoing maintenance.

Having a portable hearing loop means never having to rely on the provision of this service by others.

Home Hearing Loops

Many people who are hard of hearing also choose to install a hearing loop in their own home.

It makes sense, this is where they spend a huge chunk of their time, communicating with family members, watching the television or listening to the radio.

Having a domestic loop installed allows those with hearing issues to completely relax in their own home.

They don’t need to turn up the TV to its highest volume just to be able to follow their favourite shows, and they don’t need to constantly ask family members to repeat their last sentence because it will have been delivered directly to their hearing aid.

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