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Introduction to the Benefits of Portable Hearing Loop Systems

Why consider the benefits of portable hearing loop systems?

When weighing up the pros and cons of a portable hearing loop system against a fixed system, it can seem that the two share many functions.

This is true to some extent.

It’s beyond these base level functions that portable systems begin to pull ahead.

A fixed induction system simply cannot offer the same level of flexibility and agility that a portable hearing loop system carries.

When it comes to future proofing your hearing loop system’s capabilities, you are bound by the current features of a fixed induction loop system.

If you want to improve it or scale things up, work on site, additional equipment and disruption to any areas you feel require an upgrade are inevitable.

A portable hearing loop system on the other hand, gives you the ability to upscale as and when you please – and without any disruption whatsoever.

No matter the space or the requirements, a portable hearing loop system can be modulated to meet your needs.

It’s easy to transport to different spaces and works in a range of environments.

A portable hearing loop system is also cheaper to maintain and has lower costs associated with it over the long term.

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Your Space, Your Needs

Most businesses and public buildings are not single-use and this multitude of functions should be carefully considered when completing your checklist and deciding to buy a portable hearing loop.

From day to day, there are different needs for different spaces.

Some are small, others significant but they all have their own acoustic properties.

What this means for users of a hearing loop system is an inherent need for flexibility – that’s where the benefits of portable hearing loop systems shine.

In a fixed system, a user of the loop will often find that they are plagued by overspill.

This is when signals from other, nearby loops interfere with the one they are on and random, sometimes confusing sounds can spill over into their earpiece – hence the name. A portable hearing loop system – via quick setup and configuration – can eradicate this issue and make each space its own, unique environment.

Whether this is in a boardroom, training space or meeting room, this means a clear, targeted hearing loop that is tailored to the user’s needs.

The benefits of portable hearing loop systems extend to even being used in outdoor spaces too, so field work or team building exercises require nothing more than a small amount of forward planning. 

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Flexible and Multi-Use

The ideal hearing loop system for any user – and the space it occupies – is one that covers as many bases as possible with quality signal always at the forefront.

A portable Phonak Roger Hearing System does just that and provides a great example of how flexible portable hearing loop systems truly are.

A Roger Pen, for instance, acts as a directional microphone when spoken into but, at the same time, it can also function as an omni-directional microphone when placed on its side.

This means the user has the option, whenever they want, of changing the audio input.

This is invaluable in situations where a worker might need to hear specific information from a colleague and then require a broader overview of what is going on – in a meeting, for example.  

But that isn’t all. This same Roger Pen, if placed in a docking station, can connect to a variety of audio feeds.

This could be from a presentation, a television, a PA system or a number of other inputs.

In one device, the user has access, and, more importantly, the personal freedom, to select whatever input they need or want at the time.

These are key benefits of portable hearing loop systems in which a fixed loop system simply cannot offer this same level of flexibility and independence.

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A Portable, All-in-One System

One of the biggest issues associated with a fixed hearing loop system is the fact that it requires many different components over a large area to provide total coverage.

This means wide scale installation work, overall disruption and a costlier install.

Many businesses and public spaces require a PA system tied to their hearing loop system and so, if they choose a fixed system, they are forced to go with a big install across multiple areas of the site. This is not an issue you will face with a portable hearing loop system.

Via the addition of a set of headphones – which avoids doubling up on a microphone and headphones, as the headphones functions in both roles – the user has an all-in-one portable system and, hence, there is no need for an overarching PA system.

The user of the portable hearing loop system can then be anywhere – on-site or off-site – and still receive coverage across all spaces.

This type of flexibility and total coverage are simply not available with a fixed loop system and acutely shows why a portable hearing loop system is the way to go.

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