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Sarabec Loop Pad (340 X 340mm)


Sarabec Loop pad for use with LA215, LA240 & LA60 loop amplifiers.

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The Sarabec Loop Pad can be used with all types of Sarabec Loop Amplifiers (LA215, LA240 & LA60) and is an alternative to the standard Loop Cable around the room.  This enables you to build the exact loop system you need for your situation.

The pad is placed either under the user’s seat cushion or over the back of an armchair enabling the user to be free of any connecting wires.

Utilising loop systems is a great way to ensure that hearing aid users can comfortably and easily hear what they need to in a range of situations. However, in some environments a loop cable is not a practical solution.

The Sarabec Loop Pad provides a small loop area, ideal for a range of situations where only a small area needs to be connected to a loop system. For example a counter or in an armchair.

Please note: The Loop Pad is for use with hearing aids that have the “T” or “MT” (Loop pickup) facility.


Key Features

  • Compatible with Sarabec Loop Amplifiers (LA215, LA240 & LA60)
  • Compatible with other Loop Amplifiers accepting a 3 Ohm load
  • Perfect for use in smaller areas
  • For use with hearing aids that have the “T” or “MT” (Loop pickup) facility.


Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 340 x 340mm
  • Connection lead: 5m open ended wire





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