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FPROSG – Calibrated Audio Signal Generator


The FPROSG is an audio signal generator designed to work with the PDA range of AFILS loop systems. It has two soft-touch buttons and a LCD screen with 50mm diagonal viewing area. The intuitive menu gives the engineer options to generate signals to test the field strength, frequency response, and metal compensation. Both voice and music signals can also be produced so that loop-listening can be accomplished.

A single 9V, PP3 style, non-rechargeable battery is required to power the FPROSG for up to 12 hours. The AL3 cable -3.5mm jack to ‘bare end’ – is required if using with the PDA102 range of systems, and the AL14 cable – 3.5mm jack to 3-pin male XLR – is required if using with the PDA PRO range of systems.


Dimensions (w x h x d): 79 x 117 x 18.5mm. Weight: 145g.