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Introduction to Portable Hearing Loop Systems

Portable Hearing Loop Systems provide flexibility of use and many overall benefits, a portable hearing loop system demonstrates many advantages over a fixed loop system.

But these aren’t benefits that are only seen by the user or the space in which the portable hearing loop systems are placed– they’re all-encompassing.

In terms of initial and long-term cost, maintenance costs of the hearing loop system and the final return on investment, with portable hearing loop systems, they offer a raft of advantages over a traditional fixed loop system.

Portable hearing loop systems aren’t just good in one kind of environment or better suited to a certain type of business either.

A portable system can function seamlessly in large, busy spaces with many noise sources – such as a hotel or community centre – and also provide amazing functionality for smaller spaces where confidentiality is key.

A portable system can do all of these things using the same components, no matter the scenario and no matter the surroundings.

Increased Flexibility

In most spaces, whether it’s a private commercial office or a public building such as a library or court house, there will be many different areas, rooms and situations that demand a hearing loop solution be available.

With a fixed loop system, you are bound by the components installed and the set up you initially chose.

What this often means is overspill, where signals from one room’s components interfere with another, and a total lack of flexibility.

Ultimately, this almost certainly guarantees a poor experience for the hearing loop end user.

This is not so with a portable hearing loop systems.

When you stack up a plug and play system against its fixed counterpart, the portable hearing loop wins on all fronts.

It also offers numerous advantages beyond what a fixed loop can provide because, as the name suggests, the portable hearing loop systems are moveable and adjustable.

This means you have the choice to upscale and adapt the system as you need it, when you need it.

Adding extra components to portable hearing loop systems is simple and quick, with no need for disruption to your space.

The same cannot be said for a fixed system, where changes and improvements equal not only a financial cost of equipment, but indirect costs associated with disruption to the business.

Busy Environments

For many people who are hearing impaired, loud and busy environments can be extremely unpleasant – and this is doubly true of those places with a low quality or poorly planned hearing loop system.

Common issues include overspill from one area to another, poor filtering of different noise sources and, in general, an unpleasant, unaccommodating experience.

Portable hearing systems offer a clear, pleasant environment for users of the loop.

And, what’s more, a portable hearing loop system can be configured to make different areas in the space free of overspill and easy to navigate.

In buildings like council offices and community centres this type of specified, targeted and portable induction hearing loop system can provide enormous benefits to both users and the business alike.

The user knows that they have access to a good quality system that has been put in place just for them, and the business knows that they are doing everything they can to help the hearing impaired access what they have to offer.

Multiple Rooms, Multiple Uses

One of the biggest problems with fixed hearing loop systems is that they fail to accommodate the vast range of activities and functions a single space will be used for.

A classroom in a university for example will fill a range of different needs throughout the day, from acting as a breakout and study space to hosting small seminars, presentations and tutor sessions.

The hearing impaired can often suffer because the fixed hearing loop system simply isn’t designed to meet all of these needs on demand.

The fixed loop may also expose the user to overwhelming levels of noise, all being forced through a fixed system.

A portable hearing loop system combats this issue thanks to its inherent adaptability.

A system like the Roger Pen affords amazing flexibility thanks to combined omni-single direction mic capacities.

This enables the user to control their own experience.

For those with hearing issues, this kind of tailored approach is invaluable.

It not only means they have access to a system that works for them not against them, but also facilitates greater access to their environment.

In a learning environment, this is vital in ensuring the user has a full, enjoyable experience that is just as a comprehensive as anyone else.

The same can be said of healthcare facilities and legal spaces.

Going Off-Site

Sometimes it’s not enough to provide a hearing loop system on-site, because there are times when users need a solution they can take with them.

A portable hearing loop system really comes into its own in this scenario.

One of the best examples of this can be found in healthcare.

A nurse could take a portable PL1/K3 induction loop amplifier with him/her to a home-based patient appointment with total ease.

This gives them everything they need to ensure easy communication with their patient, allowing for a better level of care.

This, as should be clear, is simply not possible with any kind of fixed hearing loop system.

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