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How Can a Portable Hearing Loop Benefit You?

For millions of people, hearing loops can really change life for the better. While many hard-of-hearing people depend on hearing aids to help them listen in better, some aids can pick up sound they’d rather block out! That, ultimately, is where technology such as the portable hearing loop can be put to fantastic use.

Sometimes, even the best hearing aids can pick up all of the noise around you, sometimes even drowning out what you are actually trying to hear. This isn’t always so easy to control – and it’s why many of us look for hearing loop installations in public places. With portable loops, however, you can be sure that no matter where you are, you can ‘tune in’ on the conversations and sounds you actually want to hear.


What is a portable hearing loop?

A portable hearing loop is used to help those with hearing aids pick up sounds that are near the induction loop itself, as opposed to hearing everything around them, thus making it difficult for them to understand specific sounds, phrases and even music.

Portable hearing loops are always on your person. That means they are always likely to be in close contact with what you want to hear, thus prioritising sound. These systems effectively isolate specific noise and block out background chatter and noise to help enhance your quality of hearing.

For plenty of hearing aid users, portable hearing loops can change the way they hear the world!


How does a portable hearing loop work? 

Portable hearing loops work through the use of magnetic fields. Ultimately, the devices take audio signals and transmit them clearly to our hearing aids.

Portable hearing loop systems rely on loop drivers – which take audio signals and create currents that run along the loops in question. From here, this creates a magnetic field or link that a hearing aid then picks up on.

Essentially, the portable loop works much like an amplifier or a signal catcher. It takes specific signals and converts them so that hearing aids can better tailor them to the listener’s needs.

This means that you can then safely rely on your hearing aid to better convert the raw sound, or signal, into something you can easily hear. The best news is, of course, that you can use this loop system everywhere you go – you won’t have to look for the induction loop symbol everywhere you turn!


How can a portable hearing loop system help me? 

For those of us with hearing aids, sometimes even doing the simplest things can become a frustrating nightmare! Hearing aids do fantastic work at helping us to hear that little bit clearer – but when we are in an area where there is a lot of noise, such as restaurants, schools, the office – it can get very difficult for us to be able to focus on one thing.

Crucially, a portable hearing loop can help to ensure you understand every word of a conversation, and catch every moment of a show or event. There’s no need for you to set up extensive loop wiring or plug in any equipment that takes hours to wrangle with.

Portable hearing loops are amazingly cost-effective. There’s no need for you to worry about paying out for excessive installations or to keep setting up new loops at your most frequently visited spaces. That goes for work as well as home.

What’s really attractive about portable hearing loops, of course, is that they are easy to take with you on the go. A portable loop is lightweight, with no excess, confusing wires – and what’s more, it is sleek, designed for comfort and is barely noticeable. There’s no need to worry about getting weighed down.

Once your hearing aid is set to its T-coil function, it can easily connect to your portable loop without you having to mess around with confusing settings and adjustments! 

Finally, it can just as easily be disconnected whenever you wish. You can keep it on for the duration of a meeting, a meal or a long conversation. When you’re ready, you can then turn it off, switching back to your regular hearing aid settings. 

The major benefit to using a portable hearing loop is, of course, the difference in your day to day life. If you find yourself straining to hear people, or that you’re unable to take part in work meetings or discussions, it may be time to connect to your own portable loop.

Doing so, in fact, could even save you money. If you’re worried that your hearing aid may not be working as expected, you may not have to waste money paying out for a whole new fitting. Simply invest in an affordable, high-quality portable loop and keep track of conversations on the go.


Portable RF Induction Loop SystemWhy Choose Hearing Loop?

Hearing Loops’ experts understand that struggling to hear can be detrimental to everyday life. We design and retail a wide variety of fantastic products and resources to help hearing aid users adapt to conversations, entertainment and events without strain or embarrassment. With a portable hearing loop, you can at least rest assured that you won’t miss out on anything important – and what’s more, there’s never any need to feel self-conscious.

Portable hearing loops make up just some of our incredible hearing products and supports, available to buy now through our online store. Of course, if you are ever unsure about any new products or services you may be interested in, our team is here to help at short notice!

Ultimately, we never want you to struggle or suffer if you are finding it difficult to hear everyday speech or important moments in your life. It’s crucial to reach out for help.

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