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Portable Induction Loops

A portable induction loop system provides the perfect solution where a fixed loop cannot be installed or a loop facility is required in multiple locations. A portable hearing loop system can sometimes be more cost effect than having a fixed hearing loop system installed, it courses no disruption to a business and is very simple to use.

Our PL1/K1 and K3 are suited for 1-2-1 meetings, they can be positioned on a reception counter and be taken into the specific meeting/consultation room.

Hearing Loop’s range of secure RF Portable induction loops allow for a cost effective portable solution that accounts for multiple loop requirements. Our smart transmitters act as a hand-held microphone when in the vertical position, when laid horizontal they become Omni-directional mics, ideal for boardroom table style meetings. Additionally connecting the charger dock to an audio source will allow the audio to transmit to the receivers.

Additionally our RF System can be used as a Tour Guide Hearing System, with the facility to connect head phones it allows your facility to conform to the equalities act for those hearing impaired who don’t wear hearing aids.

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