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There are 10 million people in the UK who are deaf or living with a hearing loss.
resturant hard of hearing

Many deaf or hearing-impaired people struggle whilst visiting restaurants and bars as the facilities can cause them to feel isolated. This is due to the large amount of background noise from the other patrons and music etc.

Just imagine sitting at your restaurant table with a group of friends enjoying a birthday meal. The wine is flowing, the conversation is of the highest order and the food is divine.

Now imagine sitting at the same table. You are struggling to hear what is being said. Your NHS Hearing aids with the microphone to the rear of your ear worked great earlier in the quiet taxi ride, but now all you can pick up is the party on the table behind you talking about a recent loss in the family.

The waiter approaches your table and you ask to hear the specials.  Instead of hearing about the delightful fennel infused pulled pork, all you can hear is that it was Aunty Margret who had passed peacefully in her sleep. Not the great sharing starter you were hoping to hear about.

You persevere with the conversation on your table, trying to lip-read and pick up on body language. You try your best to laugh and pretend that you understand what your friends are talking about, in reality you feel embarrassed and isolated and just wish to finish your dessert and go home.resturant dining 2

The waiter approaches with the bill and it is handed to a friend who is working out how much everyone owes. You can not understand what anyone is saying, the background music is a little too high, and the depressing party behind have now been replaced by a couple who are constantly shouting and being vulgar.

You guess the amount you have to pay and leave the restaurant, thinking to yourself  “Why do I even bother coming to social events like these? If only there was something that could be done to include me more and make these social events enjoyable.” Imagine if your facility could attract even 1% of the people feeling like this by having a solution to help them feel included. 1% of 10 Million is 100,000.