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Room Induction Loops

Our full range of room induction loops provide a solution from the smallest to the largest space.

Hearing Loops are required for any environment where audible communication is integral to the space.  This is specified by both disability access legislation, such as the Equality Act 2010, and building codes. A room induction loop will ensure compliance.

A fixed Room Induction Loop comprises an amplifier and a length of loop cable that is usually installed around the perimeter of the room.  This creates an electromagnetic field which is picked up by the receiver in the hearing aid.

The amplifier can either connect to your existing PA system if you have one, or can be supplied with its own microphone (or set of microphones) that would pick up the sound of those speaking.

They can also connect to other audio sources such as a TV, projector or laptop using the PDA range of outreach plates.

Anyone wearing a hearing aid with the T-coil setting can connect to the hearing loop.

The type of amplifier required and length of loop cable is determined by the size of the room.

If you need advice on the best one to use please get in touch. All our details are on our Contact Us page.