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We offer one of the widest range of audio-frequency hearing loop equipment in the UK.

  • Fully compliant with AFILS standard BS-EN60118-4 (formerly BS6083) and BS7594
  • Available in a variety of cost-effective kit formats suitable for use in ticket offices, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, nursing homes, GP surgeries, churches, shops and more.
  • Allows hearing aid users to participate fully in general conversation and other social/work related activities
  • No audio experience required – The loop systems can be fitted by any competent electrician
  • Can be used to help building managers and service providers comply with BS8300, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Care Standards Act and the English Tourism Council’s National Accessibility Scheme



Whatever hearing loop system is installed, maintenance is essential to ensure it works effectively and maximises lifespan.

To comply fully with the Disability Discrimination Act, and to meet BS7594 (the code of practice for AFILS (audio frequency induction loop systems)) and EN60118-4 when correctly installed, Induction Loop and Infra red systems need to be maintained correctly.

Hearing Loop.co.uk offers the ongoing maintenance services to help you comply, and get the most out of your system.

We provide comprehensive maintenance contracts running in tandem with manufacturer’s warranties to ensure DDA compliance is achieved and more importantly, maintained.

Our service includes:

  • Annual testing of all components of the installed system
  • Calibration of equipment and amplifiers where necessary
  • Visual inspection of all components, and repair/replacement where necessary (after an initial agreement has been made to service the equipment).
  • Sound Field Strength Meter Readings taken and reported on.
  • Loop Listening of the system reports made where necessary
  • Full Training to member(s) of staff on the correct use of the equipment.
  • (Optional) Contracts can include full Audio Input plates and Amplification replacement should they be found faulty.
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