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Domestic/Home Induction Loops

Our range of Domestic Hearing Loops are designed to make life easier for the hard of hearing at home.

If you have difficulty in hearing your television, radio, hi-fi or with general conversation the products in this section can help overcome this. There are models for use with or without a hearing aid.

Our Domestic Hearing Loop Kits includes everything you need to create a high quality induction loop system for a bedroom, living room, TV lounge or study.

Carefully designed to sit discreetly alongside all types of audio-visual equipment.

They will direct the sound from the TV or other audio equipment directly to your ears.  This means you can watch TV at a more normal sound level.

The range includes both wireless and fixed systems depending on your needs and offers options for use with or without hearing aids.

Domestic Hearing Loop systems are also available for clearer conversations both in the home and when out and about.

If you need advice on the best one to use please get in touch. All our details are on our Contact Us page.

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