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What is the Best Cordless Phone for Hard of Hearing People?

When it comes to keeping in touch with our loved ones, things can be tricky for those of us who are hard of hearing. For example, people who need support with hearing may not be able to comfortably use standard cordless phone handsets, which means there may be a need to invest in specific models and types. With that in mind, what is the best cordless phone for hard of hearing people?

At Hearing Loop, we highly recommend Doro branded cordless phones for hard of hearing users. In fact, the Doro PhoneEasy 100w DECT DUO remains one of the most popular cordless systems of its kind on the market. We’ll take a closer look at this model in this guide, as well as take you through what you need to know about buying telephones for hard of hearing people.


Why choose the Doro PhoneEasy 100w DECT DUO?

The Doro PhoneEasy 100w DECT DUO is hugely recommended for anyone who may have trouble hearing conversations while using their standard home telephones or smartphones.

This particular model offers a fantastic audio boost function to help make sound loud, clear and easier to understand. As well as being easier to hear, this twin pack offers high visibility in the shape of a backlit display and large buttons that are easy to read.

As a duo, you will also be able to find your second handset anywhere in the house if you only have one phone to hand. This is great news for anyone who may be struggling to find missing handsets and who may not be able to hear them clearly.

This pair is developed specifically with hard of hearing concerns in mind. That means it is louder and clearer than most, and we assure you that the difference will be clear from your first use. What’s more, these handsets are compatible with hearing aids – meaning that you will be able to easily tune in your aid to ensure that you can hear exactly what’s being said.

However, this PhoneEasy set is not the only hard of hearing telephone package that’s recommended to those with hearing concerns. Doro as a brand remains one of the most trustworthy in the industry, largely developing handsets for people who need additional support and accessibility when using their devices. That goes just as much for hearing conversations as it does for actually using the keypads and various functions.


What should you look for in cordless phones for hard of hearing users?

While it may seem easy enough to assume that any cordless phone that is particularly loud will support someone who is hard of hearing, there are of course other functions and facilities you will need to keep aware of.

For example, when looking for the best cordless phone for hard of hearing users, you’ll ideally need to look for phones that are built for this purpose. Simply looking for a ‘louder’ phone may not offer you the support that you need. There is no guarantee that a phone simply pitched as being louder will give you the clarity you need when holding conversations via your device.

Therefore, always make sure to shop with a brand that specialises in hard of hearing technology. Choose a handset or handsets that are built for those with hearing difficulties in mind. Otherwise, you may find that you have to adapt to a traditional handset that simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

You should also consider whether or not a cordless phone is right for you. Cordless telephones for hard of hearing people are extremely flexible and will naturally give you the opportunity to take your conversations across the home and even outside.

However, many find that static home telephones – corded and otherwise – offers more features for people who are hard of hearing. What’s more, a static telephone is never going to go missing around the home – it’s set up in one place.

Thankfully, manufacturers such as Doro are making it easier for hard of hearing people to use cordless devices with enhanced clarity. As mentioned, the twin pack PhoneEasy even works with hearing aids – which isn’t something you can guarantee across the board.

Do also be sure to look for a handful of specific features that will make your life that little bit easier. For example, the best handsets for hard of hearing arrive with vocalised keypads, visual indicators and handsfree speakers. All of these features will help you to take greater control over your conversations, and will help you to dial out as well as to pick up.

When buying a phone to help you hear conversations easier, be sure to couple this with visual aids, too. Having larger buttons, clearer displays and even something as simple as caller ID will help to make phone conversations that little less stressful. Ultimately, a phone handset that helps you hear better should also help you with visual aspects, too.


Choosing the best telephones for hard of hearing needs

Never feel that you should ever have to settle for a standardised phone, or an old model that you’ve had for years. You can’t expect to bend completely to the functions and features of a standard handset! What’s more, it is always healthy to ask for help, and you should never feel embarrassed by upgrading to a phone that helps you hear better during conversations.

Millions of people have taken the opportunity to enhance their everyday lives simply by choosing cordless phones that offer more accessibility for their needs. Being unable to hear people clearly during phone calls can be very frustrating – and if you already benefit from hearing aids, it’s important to consider adapting your home devices and technology to suit your lifestyle.

At Hearing Loop, we provide a wide variety of different services and solutions to help you hear things more clearly at home and on the move. If there’s any way at all we can be of particular support to you, never hesitate to get in touch for advice.