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Doro PhoneEasy 100w DECT Duo – Cordless Amplified Telephone Twin Pack


A twin pack of easy to use cordless, amplified phones featuring large, backlit display and big buttons with special font for high visibility.

A great home solution to someone that is hard of hearing or partially sighted.


The Doro PhoneEasy 100w Cordless DECT Duo is a set of two cordless telephones which allow for easier making and taking of calls for the hard of hearing and partially sighted. Delivering extra clear sound, the phones have a handset volume of up to 20dB, with an audio boost button which allows an additional 10dB. The phones also feature memory buttons for easy dialing, large keypads and a clear, back-lit display, for further ease of use.

With two telephones, the Doro PhoneEasy 100w Cordless DECT Duo pack creates a great home solution to someone that is hard of hearing – you can keep one phone upstairs and one phone downstairs, meaning that you’re never far away from a handset.


Key Features

Main Features: 

  • Pre-dialing – allows user to enter and change a phone number before it is dialed
  • Speakerphone function for hands-free use or group conversations
  • Keylock to prevent accidental pressing of buttons
  • Call timer – indicates duration of the call so user can keep track of how long call lasts
  • GAP (Generic Access Profile) compatible – handset and base unit can both be used with other GAP compatible products
  • Can register up to 5 handsets to one base unit to expand system throughout your home
  • Menu navigation for easy use
  • Big buttons and back-lit display aids visually impaired
  • Key tone to help user know when buttons have been pressed
  • Out of range warning
  • Internal clock and wake up alarm feature
  • Eco functionality – reduced power consumption in operational and standby modes, lower impact on the environment
  • 14 segment base unit display


  • 5 x Redial memory – so you can easily call someone back
  • 2 x One touch memories – for easy dialing of important numbers
  • 9 x Two touch memories – same as above. Makes calling friends and family easier for the memory impaired and elderly
  • 20 x Phone-book positions – for easy storage of contacts
  • 10 x Caller ID memory – so user can see who is calling

Sounds and Signals: 

  • 5 x Monophonic ringtones – customisable alerts
  • 5 x Polyphonic ringtones
  • 5 x Ringer volume settings
  • Ringer off setting


  • Receiving maximum level (dB(A)): 30
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Microphone mute
  • Volume boost button: +10dB


Technical Specifications

  • Handset size: 180 x 54 x 30mm
  • Standby time: up to 100 hours
  • Talk time: up to 10 hours
  • Range indoors: 50m
  • Range: up to 300m
  • Battery type included: 2 x AAA NiMH


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