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Hearing Loop Installation & Commissioning FAQs

Confused About Hearing Loops?

No doubt you have lots of questions about the world of Hearing Loop Installation.

Hopefully, you’ve already discovered a little about what they do but how about when it comes time to select and install your own system in your place of business?

An estimated one in six people in the UK suffers from some form of hearing impairment.

The need to create more inclusive and welcoming spaces for our businesses, leisure and entertainment premises is more important than ever before.

Thankfully technology has developed to help cater to the needs of hearing aid users.

We have prepared this FAQ that touches on a few of your key concerns when selecting which installer and commissioner to choose, as well as important questions to ask.

Where Can I Install A Hearing Loop?

From offices, shops, homes, leisure centres, banks to conference and meeting rooms, put simply, most spaces have the capacity to install a hearing or induction loop.

Even in rooms which have obstructions such as metal (which can cause some upset to the signal frequency of the device), there are still options available.

The main thing is to be aware of your surroundings, you can achieve this by performing an in-depth hearing loop survey with the help of professionals in their field.

This will help you identify and, in most cases, overcome all obstacles in your path.

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Do I Have To Have A Hearing Loop?

Current UK legislation from the 2010 Equalities Act states that companies must make their workplaces as inclusive as possible to both employees and customers.

This includes the need to undertake ‘reasonable adjustments’ which help to make life easier for disabled service users, which includes those who are hearing impaired.

By far the most accessible form of hearing-impaired technology is a hearing loop, which provides a brilliant service to those who need it without in any way disrupting life for those that don’t.

What Is Meant By The Term ‘Commissioning’?

Each piece of hearing loop equipment needs checking to ensure it’s compliant with the existing performance standards.

This will be carried out by your installation engineer and helps to identify (and rectify) any problems if they exist.

Can I Move My Hearing Loop?

This depends whether you opt for a portable or fixed hearing loop model.

Where a portable can be moved around to wherever it’s needed, fixed hearing loops only work at the point where they are installed.

The type you choose will ultimately depend upon your own personal preferences and the needs of your business.

Though it would make sense to choose a portable variety if you know for certain the area where you need to amplify sound is likely to change and to choose a fixed version if you know this is not the case.

Does My Hearing Loop Need Maintenance?

Whilst hearing loops are quite low-maintenance pieces of technology, all pieces of critical kit need some degree of maintenance, and your hearing loop is no different.

An annual check should be sufficient.

Choosing a skilled and accredited installer helps make this much simpler (and ensures you comply with the law).

Accredited installers will also be on hand to help with your maintenance and upkeep, as well as bringing the skills and experience needed to ensure everything is in correct working order.

Do I Have To Signpost My Hearing Loop?

You do have to let your customers or visitors know that you have installed hearing loop technology.

This will allow hearing aid users to adjust their hearing aids to the correct frequency and therefore make use of the tech.

You will probably have already seen places which have the technology installed, in the form of a small sign with a ‘T’ and an ear symbol. 

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Do My Staff Need Training To Use The Hearing Loop?

Any staff members who will be assisting with monitoring and upkeep of your hearing loop should receive some degree of training.

Unfortunately, many employees know very little about them, but particularly with portable models.

It’s essential anyone who will be handling it knows the fundamentals of how it works.

Does The Size Of The Building Matter When I Choose Which Hearing Loop To Install?

Yes, it does. Lots of factors come into play when you choose to install a hearing loop.

These include

  • The size and shape of the room the loop system is being designed for
  • The number of people who will be using it
  • Whether they’ll be static or moving around

All of these and more are incredibly important factors to understand in order to ensure the correct installation happens for your needs.  

Do I Really Need To Have A Hearing Loop Survey?

It is strongly advised to carry out a comprehensive survey of your needs before spending money on any type of hearing loop.

It is easy to end up with the wrong loop for your needs if you skip this step.

A survey will take into account

  • The building, it’s size and the acoustics of the room
  • It will also take into consideration your business needs today and for the future

As well as a whole plethora of other huge considerations which are often ignored.

How Much Do Hearing Loops Cost To Install?

The cost of an installation varies depending on several factors, including the area you need to be covered by your installation, and the installer you select to carry out the work.

Portable and fully-static hearing loops are also available at different price-points.

Whilst a counter-top model might only cost around £175, the total cost of full consultancy including a survey, design and installation of a system starts at around £1,500.

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