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What is Hearing Loop Technology?

Hearing loop technology has proven to be a revolutionary invention for millions of people who have trouble hearing in their day-to-day lives. From work to play, hearing loops can help you stay in tune with the conversations and entertainment you really want to hear.

But what exactly is hearing loop technology, how does it work, and how can it help you? 


What is a hearing loop? 

A hearing loop is a tool to help those with hearing aids listen clearly to sounds that are either  too far for the aids to pick up, or sounds that are difficult to tune into due to background noise. 

For example, if you are in your living room at one end and your TV is at another, you could connect a hearing loop to the television. 

The loop will wirelessly transfer the sound to your hearing aid or neckloop receiver. This means you can listen to the television easily, without increasing the volume to a dramatic level! 

Hearing loops are also commonly used in places of business, such as banks, meeting rooms, reception areas, entertainment venues and restaurants.

For instance, to assist customers to hear your receptionist in a busy waiting room, you could place a hearing loop on the reception counter.

Hearing loops help the listeners focus on the sound they need to hear without filtering through all the surrounding noise. So, instead of being overwhelmed by noisy reception areas and public spaces, you can hear what you need to without the stress!

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How does hearing loop technology work? 

It’s all about how your hearing aid tunes in – your hearing aid must be on a ‘T’ setting to connect to a hearing loop. This is known as the T-Coil loop program. It will engage your hearing aid to connect solely to the loop system, as opposed to receiving all of the surrounding noise in your immediate area. 

Different types of hearing loops are available, including both fixed and portable devices, but all work in a similar way.

A fixed hearing loop comprises of an amplifier and a length of loop cable that would usually be installed around the perimeter of a room.  The amplifier would connect to an existing audio device such as a TV or PA system, or can be supplied with its own microphone (or set of microphones) that would pick up the sound of those speaking.  

The copper in the loop cable creates an electromagnetic field which is found by the receiver in your hearing aid. 

The receiver then converts the sound into something audible for the earpiece. Therefore, the surrounding noise cuts out, allowing the receiver to focus solely on the filtered sounds. This helps the listener feel as though they hear the sound right next to their ears, without having to force or strain themselves. 

The technology behind hearing loops is not as complicated as one might think! This is technology that’s been around for many years now, but it’s always improving.

Of course, finding the right hearing loop system for you is essential – and investing in a system that benefits your specific needs is crucial. For example, you may find that some loops are simply not powerful enough for your demands, or you may even need a portable hearing loop that you can carry on your person or can be multifunctional within a business.

At Hearing Loop UK, we provide a wide array of different loop products and brands for this exact reason. There’s no such thing as ‘one loop fits all’ – but there are plenty of leading products available that will help you get the most out of the conversations you really want to hear. 

But –  if you’re still firmly on the fence about whether or not investing in your own hearing loop is worth the money – let’s dig a little bit deeper.

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How can a hearing loop benefit you? 

phonak roger on RF1PackThere are so many ways in which a quality hearing loop could transform your life, or that of someone around you. 

First of all, even within your own home, having a hearing loop system can be beneficial. We have already spoken of the television scenario, but what about around your family? 

Family dinners and gatherings can be wonderful, but filtering through all of the voices and getting to hear everyone talk can be difficult. By having your own hearing loop that you can place anywhere in the room, you will be able to hear all of your loved ones clearly, and loudly! You may even pick up on a few bits of gossip you’d otherwise miss out on!

A portable hearing loop system, like the Roger On 1 Pack,  can go anywhere with you.  This can be very beneficial when it comes to your work, or if you have to travel a lot.  It can even be taken to shows, films, concerts, speeches, and more. This means you won’t have to strain yourself when trying to enjoy a night out – giving you one fewer thing to fret about.

Hearing loops are also extremely helpful when it comes to business’. We mentioned earlier about using one on a reception desk in a busy waiting room.  But the applications for this are endless.  Shop counters, till or bar areas at restaurants, consultation rooms, meeting rooms, Halls, Theatres – the list goes on!  

Allowing your customers or patrons access to a hearing loop will give them the confidence to visit these places, safely in the knowledge that they are able to participate, respond and engage fully in what is being said.

Hearing loops installed within the workplace such as in meeting rooms, will allow greater inclusivity for those employees and colleagues who are hard of hearing.

If multiple people are in the room, a hearing aid will not likely pick up everything that will be said. This can cause issues at work and even embarrassment.

Installing a hearing loop allows people to easily follow the meeting and keep track of what’s being said. That means less risk of them missing out on important details that might impact their workloads, and your business!

With just this one simple tool, you can be sure never to miss out on anything again. You can be just as connected and in tune with the world as everyone else! 


Is it time to invest in a hearing loop of your own?

Hearing loop technology may sound simple, and, in many ways, it is! You do not need big, clunky technology and masses of wires around you to ensure that you can hear just as well as anybody else. A quality system is more than enough to change the way you hear the world (for the better, we might add!).

However, to ensure that you have the best equipment available, you need the right supplier. For the best hearing loops and support on the market – and more information on how hearing loops work, and how they can aid you, please call Hearing Loop UK on 01142 357717.

Alternatively, make sure to email us at info@hearingloop.co.uk. One of our friendly crew will be happy to help you find the best system for you – and to find you an option you can rely on for stress-free hearing for the years ahead.

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