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Corded Telephones

Corded Telephones for the Hard of Hearing

A range of corded telephones with built-in amplification and Hearing Aid compatibility.

Selecting the right phone for you often relies on user preference. This includes speed dial options, digital displays, visual indicators, larger buttons etc.

All our telephones have adjustable receiving and ringer volume along with an inbuilt hearing loop. This means that in addition to having manual control over the volume of the call, they will also connect to the users hearing aids using the T setting, directing sound straight into the ears.

Some also have tone control which allows you to change speech tones and make people’s voices sound clearer.

When using the telephone while wearing hearing aids, it’s important to remember that a hearing aid microphone sits at the top of the device.  Holding the hand-set to the top of the ear will ensure the callers voice is being received by the hearing aid as clearly as possible.


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