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FPROK1 Fosmeter Pro Hearing Loop Test Kit

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The FPROK1 Fosmeter Pro Hearing Loop Test Kit is designed to simplify the setup of an induction loop system and ensure its compliance to BS EN 60118-4.   A must-have accessory for all AFILS installers and service engineers.

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The FPROK1 Fosmeter Pro Hearing Loop Test Kit is designed to simplify the setup of an induction loop system. In addition, it will ensure its compliance with the latest version of BS EN 60118-4 (Magnetic field strength in audio-frequency induction loops for hearing aid purposes).

The FPROK1 Fosmeter Pro checks the magnetic field strength of an induction loop system and measures background noise, frequency response and metal compensation.


Key Features

  • Digital LCD display with a user-friendly interface to simplify testing.
  • Two ‘soft’ buttons that dynamically change their functions to suit the menu options being accessed.
  • Battery low indication and an auto-power off function to preserve battery life.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack socket allowing users to listen to the loop signal using the headphones supplied.
  • Powered from a 9V PP3 battery
  • Supplied in a protective canvas carrying case.


System Includes

  • FPRO K1 Fosmeter Pro induction loop tester (c/w intuitive display and simple to follow test menus)
  • FPROSG Signal Generator (c/w pre-loaded test tones, voice and music samples)
  • Set of HEAD1 headphones
  • Protective canvas carry case

Technical Specification

Compatibility Can be used to test any audio-frequency induction loop system to British and European performance standards.
Application/operation Download main instructions for details.
Quiescent current 25mA.
Max battery size and type Requires 1 x 9 V PP3 battery (non-rechargeable)
Indicators LCD display and Battery status indicator (FPRO & FPROSG).
Controls 2 x ‘soft’ buttons which change their function to suit the menu options being accessed (FPRO & FPROSG).
Connections 3.5mm audio output socket on FPRO for use with HEAD1 headphones; 3.5mm balanced line level output socket on FPROSG.
Product dimensions (mm) W 117 x H 79 x D 19mm (FPRO & FPROSG).
Construction & finish Plastic.
IP Rating IP20 (FPRO & FPROSG).
Weight 145g (FPRO & FPROSG).
Operating conditions/temperature The FPRO & FPROSG contain sensitive electronic equipment. They are designed for indoor use only and MUST NOT be subjected to conditions likely to affect their performance.
Notes Different amplifiers require specific audio connection leads. For PDA102, MLK1, and PDA200E amplifiers use an AL3 lead; for Pro-Range amplifiers use an AL14 lead.





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