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LA-381-02 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray (for LR-4200/5200)

£409.00 exl VAT

The LA-381 drop-in charging/dispensing station for the Listen iDSP receivers provides a convenient way to charge, store, dispense, and collect iDSP receivers.


The Listen LA-381-02 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray is designed for the Listen Technologies iDSP (RF and IR) devices.  It can accommodate as many as twelve (12) individual receivers.  Ideal for large-scale systems or for allowing your system to grow to meet the needs of your venue.

Each charging slot features a tension lock that ensures secure charging connectivity. The slots can be used to store ID cards or other items to exchange and return when the receiver is not in use. Each Charging Tray also comes with a power supply.

The Listen LA-381-02 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray can be mounted in a variety of ways to accommodate your venue’s needs, including wall, drawer, rack, or tabletop installation. An optional cable management system is also available to purchase separately to keep the charging tray and receivers neatly organised.

Key Features

  • Drop-in tray charges and stores up to twelve (12) Listen iDSP personal listening receivers
  • Wall, drawer, rack, and tabletop mounting options allow for convenient installation and easy access
  • Tension locking charge slots ensure a secure fit and effective charging
  • Optional cable management system is available to keep receiver units neatly organised and easy to dispense


LA-381 Data Seet