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Roger Touchscreen Mic


The Roger Touchscreen Mic is a fully automatic, easy to use, classroom microphone for both the Teacher and Students.

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The Roger Touchscreen Mic is a classroom microphone for both the teacher and students.  It is fully automatic and can adaptively change between Lanyard mode, Small Group mode and Pointing mode depending on its location.  Teachers can wear this microphone around their neck or place on a table to detect speech from a group of students.

The compatible choice for just about every hearing aid, cochlear implant and soundfield amplification system.

To use Roger Touchscreen Mic with hearing instruments, a compatible Roger Type 02 Receiver is required.


Key Features

  • Best ever speech-in-noise performance and documented improvements of up to 35% over Dynamic FM and 54% over other FM systems
  • Automatic microphone function – switching from an individual talker to a small group interaction mode
  • Pointing mode allows a student to point the microphone in the direction of the teacher to capture their voice (range: 4m/13’)
  • User Friendly interface
  • Allows multiple receivers and microphones to connect in a network with simple touch commands



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