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The Ultimate Guide to Phonak Roger ON: How It Works and Who It’s For

“Phonak Roger ON” refers to the The Roger ON system, a wireless microphone system developed by Phonak, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

The Roger ON system is designed to improve speech understanding and communication for individuals with hearing loss, especially in challenging listening situations. It consists of a transmitter (Roger microphone) and a receiver (Roger receiver) that work together wirelessly to enhance sound quality and clarity.

The Phonak Roger On microphone offers versatile usage options to accommodate various situations. It can be worn around the neck using a lanyard in presenter mode, placed on a surface in table mode, directed towards the speaker during discussions, or connected to a TV, laptop or PA System through the docking station using a regular phono lead. The microphone is designed to automatically switch modes depending on its placement and use, ensuring convenience and ease of use.



There are a number of Roger receivers available, the most commonly used being the Roger Neckloop, which is compatible with any hearing aid with the T-coil setting. It receives the signal from the Roger microphone and wirelessly transmits the audio to the hearing aids, delivering the speaker’s voice directly into the listener’s ears.

The Roger ON system is also compatible with specific Phonak hearing aids which will require appropriate programming and configuration by a hearing care professional. They can assist in setting up the system and adjusting the settings to ensure optimal performance for the individual’s unique hearing needs.

Regardless of which Phonak hearing aid or cochlear implant you use, there is a compatible Phonak Roger receiver that can help improve your hearing experiences.


The Roger ON system utilizes Phonak’s proprietary Roger digital wireless technology, which operates on a dedicated frequency and employs advanced algorithms to reduce background noise and maintain speech clarity. This technology provides a reliable and seamless wireless connection between the microphone and receiver, ensuring that the listener receives a clear and intelligible sound signal.

The Roger ON system offers several benefits for individuals with hearing loss. Firstly, it improves speech understanding in noisy environments, as the microphone captures the speaker’s voice directly, minimizing the impact of surrounding noise. This is extremely beneficial for individuals with hearing aids, as it overcomes the limitations of their devices in challenging acoustic environments.

In addition, the system enhances speech comprehension over distance. The wireless transmission from the microphone to the receiver eliminates the degradation of sound quality that can occur when the speaker is far away from the listener. This feature is particularly useful in situations such as in a large conference room or during a lecture.

The Roger ON system also promotes better engagement and participation in social interactions. By improving speech understanding and reducing listening effort, individuals with hearing loss can actively participate in conversations, feel more connected, and enjoy a better overall communication experience.



Who Can Benefit from Phonak Roger On?

The Phonak Roger On system is beneficial for individuals with hearing loss who face difficulties in understanding speech in challenging listening environments. It can be particularly useful in the following situations:


Workplaces and Meetings:

In professional settings, the Phonak Roger On system can improve communication during meetings and group discussions. It enhances the speakers voice with clarity to ensure that employees with a hearing loss can actively participate, contribute their ideas, and stay engaged in the conversation. Hearing loss does not have to be a barrier to employment as the Phonak Roger ON offers such an advanced transmission system, the employee can be a fully integrated member of staff.

Classroom Settings:

Students with hearing loss can benefit from the Phonak Roger On system in educational settings. Listening in a classroom environment can be demanding, which can in turn affect grades and mean the student may not reach their full potential.  By wearing the Roger receiver or integrating it into their hearing aids/cochlear implants, they can overcome distance and background noise challenges, enabling better comprehension of the teacher’s voice and classroom discussions. It can be the difference between passing or failing a course and of course can be key for social interaction in the educational setting.


Social Gatherings and Restaurants:

Noisy environments such as restaurants or social events can present significant challenges for individuals with hearing loss. With the Phonak Roger On system however, they can have clearer communication with their friends, family, and acquaintances, enabling them to enjoy social interactions and conversations. A lot of people with hearing loss express frustration at not being able to hear what is being said in a group setting, this microphone system will be life changing for those who have not felt part of a group due to not being able to hear well enough.

Lectures and Presentations:

Attending lectures, presentations, or conferences can be difficult for individuals with hearing loss.  The Phonak Roger On system helps overcome the distance between the speaker and the listener, allowing for improved speech understanding and an enhanced learning experience.

Key Features of Phonak Roger On:

Exceptional Speech Clarity:

The Phonak Roger On system utilizes advanced digital technology to prioritize speech over background noise, providing the listener with enhanced speech clarity and understanding.

Wireless Connectivity:

The wireless connection between the Roger microphone and Roger receiver ensures seamless communication without the need for additional cables or physical connections.

Versatility and Compatibility:

Phonak Roger On system is compatible with any hearing aid with a T Coil setting along with a wide range of Phonak hearing aids and cochlear implants, allowing for integration and direct streaming of the audio signal into the hearing aids. It can also be used with other compatible assistive listening devices, offering flexibility in various listening situations.

Ease of Use:

The Phonak Roger On system is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Both the Roger microphone and the Roger receiver are simple to operate, allowing for effortless communication in any setting.



How Do you use the Roger Phonak ON?

To use the Roger Phonak ON system, follow these simple steps:

Set up the Roger Phonak ON System:

  1. Ensure that your Roger microphone and Roger receiver are fully charged.
  2. Make sure the Roger, microphone settings and Roger receiver are within the recommended operating range. (usually up to 10 meters or 30 feet).
  3. Pair the Roger ON Microphone with the Roger Receiver:
  • Turn on both the Roger microphone and the Roger receiver.
  • On the Roger receiver, access the menu or settings and navigate to the pairing or connection option.
  • On the Roger ON microphone, locate the pairing button or follow the specific instructions for pairing (refer to the user manual for detailed instructions).
  • Press and hold the pairing button on the Roger microphone until the indicator light starts flashing or follow the specific pairing process for your model.

The Roger microphone and Roger receiver should now connect and establish a wireless link.

Position the Roger Microphone:

Position the Roger microphone close to the speaker – this can be on a lanyard around the speaker’s neck or clipped to their lapel.

During discussion situations where more than one person is speaking, place it on a table where the sound source is present.

The Roger On will switch modes automatically from a directional microphone to an omnidirectional microphone, depending on its placement.


Wear the Roger Receiver:

If your Roger receiver is a neck loop that links to your hearing aids using the T-setting, ensure your hearing aid is switched to “T”. Wear the Roger Neckloop around your neck – it can be tucked under clothing if desired.

If your Roger receiver is integrated into your hearing aids, ensure that your hearing aids are properly inserted or worn.



Adjust Settings:

Depending on your specific model and personal preferences, you may have control over volume, program settings, or other adjustments on your Roger receiver or hearing aids or cochlear implants. Consult the user manual or contact your hearing care professional for guidance on adjusting settings.

Test and Fine-tune:

Test the system in different environments to assess its performance and make any necessary adjustments.

Pay attention to the clarity and volume of the transmitted sound, and make adjustments using the available controls if needed.

If you experience any difficulties or have questions about the system’s usage, consult your hearing care professional for assistance.


Maintenance and Care:

Regularly clean your Roger microphone and Roger receiver according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Store the devices in a safe and dry place when not in use.

Check the battery level and ensure it is charged regularly to ensure optimal performance.


The Roger ON is great value for money, being truly wireless and such a versatile system, along with there being no additional cost for installation or on-going maintenance.  It can greatly improve your hearing performance in so many situations, particularly when background noise is usually a barrier, and allow you to fully participate in conversations, meetings, lectures and activities.

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