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 Hotel Facilities Scenario

You check in to your hotel perfectly. The reception had a portable counter induction loop that you could utilise, making the process so much easier and you could hear your room number and amount owed clearly.

You take your bag and go to your room, there’s a large double bed, TV, coffee making facilities and trouser press. You flick off your shoes and switch on the TV.

The TV volume isn’t loud enough so you turn it up, and up a little more. That’s better I can here Steve and Michelle having their recent barney on the cobbles of coronation street now.

The show finishes, you decide to head down to the bar and grab a beer. Well, it has been a long 6 hour drive down from Liverpool you deserve one. As you walk through the foyer, the manager waves to catch your attention. He walks over and introduces himself but he has been advised that a resident in the adjoining room to you has complained that your TV was on very loud and it woke them from an afternoon nap. Would you mind turning the volume down next time please? Shocked and embarrassed you say that you will, but inside you know you can’t watch the TV in your hotel room again as you thought it was only on low. If only they had considered a loop facility for the bedroom also?

You walk over to the bar and order a beer, the bar tender tells you the cost 3-4 times as you struggle to hear him due to the noisy stag do at the other end of the bar.

Embarrassed you sit at a table and finally enjoy your beer, switching your hearing aids off for some much-needed peace and quiet.

While you are sat you think to yourself that the hotel started out great providing loop facility for check in, but that’s the only room the facility was provided to and you are using the whole hotel not just the foyer and reception area. Lets hope they have some facility for me to use at the conference tomorrow, or my stay will have been a complete waste of time!