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What Are Assisted Listening Devices, and How Do They Help?

If you are hard of hearing, doing some of the things you’d otherwise take for granted can start to get a little tricky. Hearing conversations, listening for announcements or even simply watching TV can get frustrating. There’s no need to struggle with hearing your favourite shows or the people you love! Assisted listening devices can help to adjust your lifestyle so that you can regain a sense of normality.


Why are assisted listening devices important?

When we start to lose our hearing, it gets difficult to do the things we’re accustomed to – as well as the things we love. Assisted living and assisted listening devices merely provide users with enhanced audio capabilities so that life can get that little bit easier. For example, you may wish to invest in an assisted listening phone – one that’s built for your landline, and which can tune into your hearing aid (if applicable).

Even everyday activities such as listening to the radio or having a conversation can become stressful when you are hard of hearing. That’s why Hearing Loop has gone to the effort of providing hearing assistance devices for a wide variety of needs. You don’t have to be registered as deaf or hard of hearing, or even wear a hearing aid to benefit. What’s more, hearing loss can occur to people of all ages, so never feel embarrassed about setting up assisted listening in your home.

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What are some of the top assisted living devices available for people who are hard of hearing?

By taking a closer look at our online store, you’ll find a vast range of household items and fixtures that you can swap in for your existing technology. We’ve developed and provided these everyday products so that they can seamlessly blend back into your home and your everyday life. The last thing you’re going to need is to learn how to use a tricky new device or two!

Therefore, when investing in assisted listening or assisted living, be sure to consider the following:


Clocks and watches

sonic travel alarm clockIf you depend on an alarm clock to help you wake up on a morning, things can start getting stressful if you’re struggling to hear the tones. The solution isn’t in finding a louder alarm clock! It may very well be in finding a clock, watch or alarm system that provides a different type of signal.

For example, a vibrating alarm clock like the VC10 Vibrating Alarm Clock System will provide an alternative type of alert to help you stir from slumber. You can also install vibrating alarms in and under your pillows – meaning that instead of having to hear when it’s time to get up, you’ll feel the vibrations!

It’s also worth considering clocks, watches and alarms that flash brightly instead of relying on audio signals. Big, bright displays are great for catching your attention – meaning that you can continue wearing your hearing aid and not have to worry about straining your ears to hear your morning alerts.



cordless telephoneWhether you wear a hearing aid or not, there are several assisted listening telephones that can help to make daily conversations much less frustrating. Many hearing-assisted telephones will, for example, arrive with smart amplifiers that help to promote the sound of voices at the other end of the line. Much like assisted alarm clocks, these telephones arrive with adjustable ring and alert settings that you will actually notice.

All assisted listening telephones in our range will tune directly into your Hearing Aid. There’s no need for you to adjust the volume or sensitivity for other users in your household. Ultimately, either type of assisted listening phone will help you keep track of important conversations and weekend catch-ups! Selecting the one for you is really down to user preference. To view our full range please click here.

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Home induction loops

LA240 Home Hearing Loop Pad SystemBeyond our main range of assisted listening and living devices, the team at Hearing Loop UK highly recommends investing in home induction loops to help you stay tuned to your favourite entertainment.

Just as you’d expect a public hearing loop to help you tune your hearing aid into conversations and live entertainment, a home loop will allow you to adjust your aid to your TV, radio, tablet, speakers and more. This means you won’t have to adjust the volume on your devices – great if you live with others!

Home induction loops and associated equipment can also plug directly into your devices, meaning there’s very little you need to do to get started. No matter how often you use your radio, TV or otherwise, it really does pay to ask for help occasionally!



Being hard of hearing doesn’t mean having to give up on doing the things you love. What’s more, it should never mean you have to crank up the volume or avoid having conversations altogether! All it may take is a few simple swaps to help your home adjust to your needs – and not the other way around.

As specialist purveyors of professional hearing assistance devices, we’re passionate about making sure our customers regain confidence in everyday life and work.

Want to know more about our products and services? Take a closer look through our online store, or call the Hearing Loop team on 01142 357717. If you prefer, you can email us directly at info@hearingloop.co.uk – and we’ll be back in touch!

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