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Roger On 4 Pack – Portable Hearing Loop System

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The Roger On 4 Pack is a Portable Induction Loop System for use by up to 4 people. Ideal for situations where there is significant background noise.


The system comes complete with:

  • 1 x Roger On Transmitter
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x Docking Station,
  • 4 x Roger Neckloop (03)


The Roger On 4 Pack includes everything you need for a portable hearing loop system.  Ideal for situations where there is significant background noise or echo.  In addition, it is the perfect solution where it isn’t possible or convenient to install a fixed system or connect to one.

The Roger On 4 Pack – Portable Hearing Loop System can be used in a number of different settings and is designed for use by up to 4 people. Please note we provide a full range of Roger On Portable Hearing Loop Systems for use from 1 to 5 people.  

With the Roger On pack being a truly portable system, there are no costs associated with installation or maintenance.


How does it work?

The pack includes a state of the art Roger On Microphone that clearly picks-up the voice of a speaker and sends it via radio frequency to the neckloop receiver worn by those who are hard of hearing. The hearing or “induction’ loop is created by the loop around the neck.  This creates an electromagnetic field which would be picked up by the receiver in the hearing aid.  The hearing aid then converts this back into speech sound for the user to hear.

The neckloop is discreet, lightweight, easy to use and is accessible to any hearing aid with a Tcoil.   It can even be tucked under clothing if desired!

The microphone can be hung around the neck by a lanyard (presenter mode), placed on a surface (table mode), pointed at the person talking if discussions are taking place or can even connect to a TV or laptop by using the docking station and a regular phono lead.  Most importantly, it will automatically switch modes depending on how it is being used.

The Roger On microphone recognises where the speech is coming from using its Multibeam 2.0 Technology. It automatically chooses the best signal-to-noise ratio and delivers that to your neckloop receiver.  Thus giving outstanding speech quality in noisy situations.


Where can I use it?

Roger On is a versatile microphone transmitter designed for situations where background noise is present. For example:

  • restaurant dining
  • small group conversations
  • one-on-one conversations
  • during lectures or in class
  • Meetings
  • outdoor and indoor activities (gym, guided tour)
  • watching TV
  • Audio/voice from the computer radio etc.


What is Roger Technology?

Roger is the exclusive wireless technology from Phonak. It’s state of the art digital processing makes speech significantly clearer – automatically adjusting to enhance understanding and comprehension considerably, even in noisy situations.


The Roger On Wireless Microphone



Key Features

Roger On Wireless Microphone:

  • MultiBeam 2.0 Technology to offer excellent speech understanding in noise
  • Ideal for situations where background noise is present
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Built-in display to tell you which microphone mode it is working in; mute; locked; battery life
  • Automatically adjusts to suit its environment based on acoustic scene analysis and its orientation.
  • Suitable for all ages – Teenager to Adult
  • Use alongside other Roger transmitters in a network.
  • 4 main ways of use – On a table; Pointing; Presenter; TV/Multimedia


Roger NeckLoop Receiver (03):

  • Unique Roger technology
  • Accessible to any hearing instrument with a Tcoil
  • Internal manual volume control
  • Two loop lengths
  • No frequency management needed
  • Light weight
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Compatible with standard 3.5mm Jack Headphones.

System Includes

  • 1 x Roger On wireless microphone
  • Lanyard
  • Docking Station,
  • 4 x Roger Neckloop (03)


Roger On Datasheet

Quick Guide – Roger On

RogerOn User Guide

Datasheet – _Roger_NeckLoop_(02_03)

Quick Guide – Roger NeckLoop

User Guide – Roger NeckLoop


Can more than one Roger On be used together?

Yes.  The Roger On microphones can be paired to be used as part of a MuliTalker network.  However, when the Roger On is in a network with other microphones, then it has to be worn on the chest of a talker. A maximum of 10 Roger On microphones can form a MuliTalker Network.

How many Neckloops can pair with a Roger On at any time?

An unlimited number of neckloops can be paired to a Roger On Microphone.

Will being connected to the Roger On stop me from hearing other sounds such as the telephone ringing?

No.  To make sure you can still hear other sounds such as the telephone or doorbell, ensure you are connected to the neckloop using the Mic +T setting on your hearing aids.  This means you would be connected to the Hearing Loop but also still have the inbuilt microphone on your hearing aids activated.  You may need to speak with your audiologist about this setting and make sure that you have it available, as all hearing aids are different.

Alternatively, the roger on microphone can be activated at the same time as listening to the TV audio. This enables you to continue to have conversations and hear sounds such as the doorbell, whilst still being connected to TV audio.

How does the Roger On connect to my TV?

The Roger On connects to the TV via the docking station either by optical cable into the optical output of the TV, or via regular analogue audio.   For further details please refer to the User Manual.

What Colour is the Roger On?

The standard Roger On supplied is champagne in colour.  Graphite Grey is also available, however please contact the office directly should you require this colour finish.

What is Roger Direct?

Roger Direct is inbuilt into some hearing aids.  It allows roger microphones to stream directly into the hearing aid, without the use of an external receiver.  However a licence must be purchased to activate Roger Direct in each hearing aid. The Roger On iN V2 Wireless Microphone is specifically designed for use with Roger Direct and is supplied with two licences.

I have Roger Direct on my hearing aids, how do I activate this?

You can activate Roger Direct with a licence. A licence can be obtained by purchasing a Roger X.  The Roger X is one licence only and you would require one for each hearing aid.

Alternatively, the Roger On IN Microphone or Roger On IN Table Mic comes with 2 x licences, however this microphone can ONLY be used with Roger Direct, and not with the neckloop receivers.  The purchased licence can be transferred to any hearing aid.  It can also be removed, and then given to a different hearing aid if required.

Can I use the Roger On directly with my Oticon Engage Hearing Aids?

Oticon hearing aids can-not connect directly to the Roger On.  If your hearing aid has a T-Coil setting, the most cost effective solution would be to use the Roger Neckloop with the Roger Microphone Pen – The Roger On 1 Pack.

If you don’t have a T-Coil setting and this can’t be enabled, then you would need to purchase an Oticon Edumic along with a Roger X Receiver to use with the Roger Microphone.  The Roger X Receiver contains the software required for the Roger Mic to connect to and is used instead of the Neckloop.  This plugs into the Oticon Edumic which then wirelessly connects to the your Oticon hearing aids using its own program.


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