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Future Proofing Your Portable Hearing Loop System Investment

Introduction to Hearing Loop System Investment 

A fixed hearing loop system investment doesn’t just require an up-front, one-time cost – there’s so much else to consider.

A fixed system will not only cost more than a portable hearing loop kit in terms of initial installation, it will also cost more in future maintenance.

If you ever move premises, you can’t take it with you, meaning you’ll need to invest in a whole new system and incur further expense.

A portable hearing loop system investment, on the other hand, offers a cost on par – or maybe even cheaper – than a fixed system.  

The ongoing maintenance costs for even the best portable hearing loop are considerably cheaper too.

And, because a portable system is, well, portable, you can pack it up and take it with you if your business moves to a new location.

Ultimately, this means much lower costs in the long-term, with a portable hearing loop system able to grow with your needs and a much smaller investment over the lifetime of the system.

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A Fixed System is Permanent

Many businesses are, rightly so, reticent to spend money on something that they cannot take with them when they leave their current location.

This represents a sunk cost and, eventually, you’re going to have to spend more money on another system at the new premises.

For some businesses, this can mean an internal debate on the validity of a hearing loop system.

But this is not the way to go.

Not only is a hearing loop system investment recommended because it enables more people access to your business or services, it’s also a legal requirement.

Many businesses do not realise it, but the Equality Act 2010 says that service providers must make reasonable adjustments and provide appropriate hearing loop equipment for service users.

And so, finding the right hearing loop solution is not just a good course of action for the forward-thinking business – it’s a legal requirement.

This is why it pays to carefully consider the type of hearing loop system you want.

You’re going to need one, and it’s better to have a system that you can take with you if you ever plan on moving locations – it’s just a smart business choice.

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A major factor that inhibits businesses and other spaces from updating or expanding their fixed hearing loop system is the disruption.

Having a fixed hearing loop in place in just a couple of rooms means a great deal of installation work with those rooms out of commission for the duration.

When faced with this prospect, many businesses opt to simply stay with what they already have.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A portable hearing loop system investment can start off as small or as big as you want it to be.

A simple one or two-pack configuration is a good starting point for most premises, is affordable and won’t disrupt your business in any way.

The real benefits of a portable system are delivered in terms of scalability and adaptability. Once you have a portable hearing loop system in place and you feel like you need to up-scale, this isn’t an issue.

A Phonak Roger System for example, enables you to add a new ‘pen’ – a device that doubles as an omni and single direction microphone and can connect to multiple audio sources via the Roger docking station – in a matter of minutes.

Just like that you have another device added and ready for use.

In broader terms, if you wanted to expand your portable loop system to cover more areas, this is just as easy and quick to do.

Because a portable hearing system loop is so easy to upscale and modify, there are different ways to go about it than simply adding another Roger Pen.

For instance, you could also expand to a Roger DigiMaster if needed, which doubles as a speaker and PA system for the loop.

The choice is entirely yours.

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Take Your System with You

As if offering all this customisability and scalability wasn’t enough, a portable hearing loop system is entirely yours.

Unlike a fixed system that you have to leave in-situ when you change premises, you can take a portable system with you, meaning it’s a business asset no matter your physical address. When you set up your new space, you simply plug in the portable system and go – there’s no need for installation, and no need for disruption.

Once you commit to a portable hearing loop system investment, it’s yours and you can modulate and up-scale it to fit your needs on demand.

You won’t require a costly installation and you won’t need to leave it behind.

In short, it’s a thoroughly future-proofed investment.

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