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Crescendo 60 Amplifier


This is the Crescendo 60 Amplifier only, purchase this item if you need a replacement amplifier without accessories.

The Crescendo 60 will help you to communicate with confidence. It is a battery powered amplifier that can receive sound from various sources, and then amplify that sound to the way you like to listen.

The Crescendo 60 has a wide-ranging tone control that can boost the high and low frequencies according to your hearing needs.

There are options enabling you to use the system with or without a hearing aid.

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  • Features

    • Rotary Volume control.
      1. Rotary Tone control.
      2. Belt clip.
      3. Neck cord.
      4. Uses 2 X AA alkaline batteries giving over 60 hours of use with a headset
      5. Rechargeable batteries can be used. (But not charged in the amplifier)
      6. Battery life will depend on battery capacity.
      7. Power On/Low battery light
      8. Input selection mode switch (Microphone, Aux, T/Loop)


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